“Floral Paradise”

Specialized fertilizer-soil mixtures “Floral Paradise” were created with the utmost attention to detail. Each fertilizer-soil mixture is made with the perfect ratio of ingredients to fulfill its purpose – your plants to feel most comfortable in them and to grow healthy with minimal care on your part.

Significant contribution to the uniqueness of fertilizer-soil mixtures “Floral Paradise” have the coconut fibers. They aerate the soil, make it more fragile, which contributes to better development of the root system while retaining more moisture and requiring less watering.

Also, all fertilizer-soil mixtures “Floral Paradise” contain Bio-fertilizer from red Californian worm. It provides enough natural food for the plants and they require feeding extremely rarely.

Note: Not all fertilizer-soil mixtures “Floral Paradise” contain coconut fibers, due to the specifics of the plants for which they have been created. For more information, see the product information as well as the back of the packaging.