Liquid organic fertilizer COCOVET

COCOVET is highly concentrated fertilizer produced on the basis of chicken manure.
It is a dark brown liquid with a characteristic smell of organic matter. The technological process used allows the preservation and integrity of all properties inherent in the dry chicken manure, which is characterized by increased content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The presence of amino and fulvo acids has a positive impact on vegetative and generative development of plants. Treated vegetables are much more delicious, rich in vitamins and with high durability.

How to use it?

COCOVET is a concentrate that is diluted with water and used for root feeding.


In plants treated with liquid fertilizer is observed:

  • higher yields due to the high content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium;
  • rich nutrition medium in an easily absorbable by the plants form, due to the presence of fulvo acids;
  • free of pesticides and heavy metals agricultural products with improved taste and a longer period of storage, provided by the high concentration of humic acids;
  • increased intensity of photosynthesis and activation of processes of metabolism due to the presence of amino acids.

Why choose the organic fertilizer COCOVET to the chemical ones?

COCOVET is fully compatible with fungicides, herbicides and insecticides, which allows their simultaneous use, without disturbing the technological process.
It contributes to:

  • reducing the toxic effects of herbicides residues;
  • significant reduction of the content of nitrates.

Results of the use of the liquid organic fertilizer

The application of the liquid manure COCOVET in growing vegetables, fruits and flowers leads to:

  • stimulation of the growth, flowering and fruiting;
  • helping the rapid recovery of plants under stress conditions;
  • maintaining a balance between bio stimulation and the presence of nutrients during the most critical periods of crop growth;
  • increasing palatability, the content of sugars, proteins and vitamins in fruits and vegetables;
  • reducing the amount of used mineral fertilizers by 30%;
  • increasing the yield by 20-40%.

Application and dosage

The liquid fertilizer is intended for irrigation, as follows:


Watering after planting with a 1: 200 solution in 80-100 ml / root of the ready solution;


Watering after planting with a 1: 200 solution with 80-100 ml / root of the ready solution;


Watering with a solution of 5 ml of fertilizer per 2 liters of water with 100 ml per root from the ready solution each 30 days;


Watering with fertilizer solution 5ml to 1.5 liters of water, with 100 ml of root of the ready solution each 14 days;

In order to achieve optimal results it is better to comply with the prescribed norms of dosage and the ready solution should be used immediately!
The liquid fertilizer is compatible with fungicides, herbicides and insecticides. It is recommended when mixing, the fertilizer to be added last in the solution.
In order to preserve the qualities of the liquid fertilizer it is not recommended mixing it with Bordolese solution and preparations containing copper.