Peat substrate for blooming plants with coconut fibers

Съдържа биотор от червен калифорнийски червей

По-рядко поливане - задържа повече влага

Препоръчано от професионални агрономи

It is suitable for plants, requiring rich nutrient medium and moisture, such as: Petunia, Pelargonium, Impatiens, Nemesia, Verbena, Primula, Bougainvillea, Begonia, Dalia, Chrysanthemum, Spathiphyllum, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, as well as many others from this category.

The presence of coconut fibers in the peat substrates improves the aeration and water retention, while at the same time they ensure good drainage, and the high contents of lombricompost allows your plants to develop normally 6 – 8 weeks with no need of any additional feeding.

You will enjoy flowers with rich blooming and beautiful leaves!


peat 0-20 mm., coconut fibers, lombricompost, etc.


10 and 20 l.