Peat substrate for seedlings with coconut fibers

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This peat substrate is specifically created for planting various types of seeds at home.

This is an ideal environment for the seedlings’ growth and development, due to :

  • The fine structure, ensuring favorable conditions for the development of young roots.
  • The high contents of phosphorus, contributing to the rapid development of a healthy and strong root system.
  • The coconut fibers improve the aeration and water retention of the soil, while protecting the seedlings against cutting and decay. The slow moisture permeation results in less need of watering.
  • The bio-fertilizer from Red Californian Worms provides the necessary nutrients and improves the seeds germination.

Specially designed mixture for growing various types of seedlings for vegetables and flowers, such as: tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper, petunia, verbena, impatiens, geranium, begonia, alstroemeria, etc.


peat 0-10 mm., coconut fibers, bio-fertilizer


10 l.