Substrate for planting roses

Съдържа биотор от червен калифорнийски червей

По-рядко поливане - задържа повече влага

Препоръчано от професионални агрономи

This substrate is specifically designed for the planting of various types of roses in your garden – an ideal environment for the development thereof thanks to two exceptional ingredients.

The bio-fertilizer from red Californian worm, providing:

  • rich and easily absorbed nutrient medium
  • development of a good root system
  • rich foliage and intensive photosynthesis
  • abundant blooming
  • nourishment for a long period without fertilization

The coconut fibers:

  • improve the aeration and water retention of the soil
  • prevents the rotting of the root
  • allows for slow water permeation
  • reduces the need for watering

Specifically designed mixture for garden roses: miniature, shrub roses, climbing (crawling) roses and hybrid – tea roses.


coconut fibers, bio-fertilizer, plant compost


3 l.