Recipes for enrichment the soil with coconut fiber

How much coconut do you need for the construction of 100 sq m lawn and depth of the use of coconut fibers 15 cm.

  • To improve moisture retention and aeration of the soil so that your garden to look good you need to add up to 10% coconut fiber. In the whole volume of 15 cubic soils you have to add 1.5 cub. coco fibers.
  • To get a 1.5 cub. coco fibers you need 100 kg. coconut blocks or 20 pieces (each piece of coconut weighing an average of 4,5-5 kg)


How much coconut do you need to improve your flowers substrate:

  • for indoor flowers add between 10-20%;
  • for balcony flowers add between 20-30%;
  • when planting roses, shrubs and trees add up to 10% in the total mixter , as in lawns;

If you remain amount of coconut fibers you can make cover than 1 cm in each pot so that can prevent rapid evaporation of water / See Video Tutorials/